Glide Invest: Why should I invest through Glide Invest?

Why should I invest through Glide Invest?

Glide Invest provides a unified platform through which you can invest across Mutual Fund houses, by registering only once.  You get a unified dashboard to review and track the performance of your investments.  We also provide risk profile analysis and structure our advice to suit your goals and investment needs.  In addition, we are providing direct mutual funds so there are no additional costs and it is akin to buying directly from the mutual funds itself.

Our core philosophy is to enable customers to meet their goals through passive investing and the right asset allocation. We believe that passive investing is the best way for a common individual to invest as they provide market returns and at an extremely low expense ratio as compared to active funds.

You can always invest directly through each AMC’s (fund house) website. However you will have to create an account with each AMC whose funds you want to buy. You will have to undergo the KYC process with each AMC, provide bank details to each AMC, and then transact separately on each AMC’s website. You won’t get portfolio analytics or monitoring ability. 

We are a SEBI Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). We make no commission on any mutual fund purchased by you through us. We do not charge a fee for purchasing funds through our platform. We are under no pressure to mis-sell you any mutual funds for high commissions. You can be confident that our advice is transparent, unbiased and catered to your situation.

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