Glide Invest FAQ: Why do I need to validate my nominee?

Why do I need to validate my nominee?

Due to a recently introduced regulation by SEBI, every customer needs to authenticate their choice of selecting or not selecting a nominee. At Glide Invest, we have made Nominee a mandatory requirement, as we strongly believe its the right option for investors.

The process for the same involves our partner BSE Star sending you an email for "Nomination Authentication via OTP". Once you have completed the process to be "Investment Ready", shortly thereafter you will receive such an email from BSE Star.  Please keep a daily watch for this email.  Once you receive it, you need to click on the link which will take you to a page by BSE Star where you need to authenticate your nominee via an OTP sent to your registered mobile no.

Do note that this is an industry-wide problem being faced by all the investment platforms who work with BSE Star. 

In case you forget to authenticate you nominee, and place a transaction on our app, its very likely that the transaction will fail.  For unsuccessful transactions, the amount will be refunded to your registered bank account either via the AMC or BSE Star. Your money never touches our bank account.  We request you kindly wait for the same before raising a support ticket.  Please ensure that you have authenticated your nominee before placing a new transaction. 

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    • How can I change my nominee?

      We do not allow you to change your nominee directly through the app.  Please contact customer support in case you would like to change your nominee.  
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      No, you can only nominate one person as a nominee for the time being. We will add multiple nominees in future versions of the app based on customer demand for the same. ​
    • How do I start investing?

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