Glide Invest FAQ: Why are my switch transaction not reflecting?

Why are my switch transaction not reflecting?

Switch instructions are processed on separate dates by the Mutual Fund companies. Once a Switch order is placed, a Switch-Out happens first, and once the funds are added into he funds bank account, the Switch-In is executed by the AMC.  On an average, it takes about 2-3 working days to reflect both legs of your switch transaction (and slightly longer if you switch out of an International fund) on the Glide Invest app. 

Investors are requested to raise a support ticket if it has been more than 5 working days and your switch transaction is still pending.
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      When you move your investments from one mutual fund to another fund within the same AMC, it is termed as a Switch. Switching is only allowed within funds of the same AMC. In a switch transaction, the AMC first sells your units from the original fund ...
    • Will I get notified if there’s a transaction failure?

      Yes, you shall get notified about any transaction failure via email and/or sms. While we keep a constant lookout for failed transactions, we encourage you to contact customer support in case of any failures.
    • What are the cut-off times for transactions?

      We have partnered with BSE Star for transacting in mutual funds.  All online transactions sent to BSE Star are routed through the bank accounts of the Indian Clearing Corporation Limited (ICCL), from where they are routed to the respective bank ...
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      When an order is placed on our app, our partner BSE Star gives our customers time until the next working day 9:30am (T+1 9:30am) to complete the payment.  In the meantime, it goes ahead and places a Provisional Order with the AMC.  The AMC takes this ...
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      You cannot transfer or migrate your funds from one platform or advisor to another. Your best alternative is to STOP investing on those platforms and setup new SIP orders in Funds or setup new Goals on Glide Invest. Look at it as an opportunity to: ...