Glide Invest FAQ: What is the purpose of the risk assessment?

What is the purpose of the Risk Assessment?

When you visit a doctor, the first thing the doctor does is take your vitals and your pulse, and ask some questions about your general health, followed by specific questions related to your ailment.  In a similar way, a financial advisor is no different from a financial doctor, and he/she needs to understand your current stage in life and some basics about your financials, before providing recommendations.

The risk assessment helps us better understand you, before we start recommending goals to you.  Your goals are derived based on the risk appetite we determine from the answers to your questions, and your income level.  Of course, you can build your own goals with your own targets, but our engine recommends the most typical goals that an investor similar to you would opt for.  

On the Glide Invest app, the risk profile of an investor is generated on the basis of a set of questions that are answered on the first login attempt. This will generate a profile of the investor based on which the type of funds are suggested for goals and investments. 
In the future, we plan to do a more detailed risk assessment and allow you to update your risk profile based on the detailed analysis. 

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