Glide Invest FAQ: What is the account opening procedure?

What is the account opening procedure?

Opening an account is a simple process at Glide Invest. 

  1. Download and install the app from the Google Playstore

  2. Click on Signup

  3. Fill your name and email address.  Click Next. 

  4. Fill your mobile number that you will use for your account (and receive all OTP).

  5. An OTP will be sent on your number. Get the OTP from your SMS app and verify it. 

  6. Accept the Terms of Service of the app

... And you are done!

The app will then ask you a couple of questions to understand your risk profile.  Please answer them honestly and truthfully, as our recommendations will be based on the risk appetite calculated for you from the responses we receive from you. 

Once you signup is complete on the app, do remember to verify your email which we will send to you on your registered email ID. 

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    • Can I invest from a bank account that belongs to a family member or a friend?

      No, as per SEBI regulations, you are only allowed to invest through your own bank account. 
    • How do I update my bank account details if they have changed due to bank merger?

      There has been a series of bank mergers since 2019/20. Given below is the list of merged banks and associated changes. # Erstwhile Bank Merged Bank Changes 1 CORPORATION BANK UNION BANK OF  INDIA No changes to A/c Number; Changes only to IFSC code 2 ...
    • Can I invest with a HUF account?

      Yes, you can create a HUF account with Glide Invest. However, the setup needs to be done manually through our customer support team.  Once the account is setup, then all transactions can be done through the app just like a normal user.  By forming a ...
    • Will Glide Invest have access to my bank account?

      No, we do not have any access to your bank account. We are just the links between your bank account and the mutual fund house. Please note that we use BSE for reporting the transactions to the AMCs.  When you purchase units of mutual funds, we ...
    • Why do you need my bank account details?

      As per regulation from SEBI, we need to verify that the bank account details submitted by you belong to you. Further this bank account will be used to deduct money for investments across Mutual Fund houses.  When you sell a mutual fund, money is ...