Glide Invest FAQ: What is a Smart Flexi SIP?

What is a Smart Flexi SIP?

Glide Invest's Smart Flexi SIP is a feature specially built to allow and enable you to take complete control of your goals. It gives ultimate flexibility to change the SIP amount, Pause, Stop, and Restart your SIP investments at any time, and simultaneously across all funds in your goal. It also allows us to easily Rebalance your allocations every 6-12 months when we rebalance our portfolios.   

One important difference is that a Flexi SIP is not a SIP order placed with the AMC. It is a series of virtual lumpsum transactions which we setup and control just like a normal SIP. For our investors, it is no different from investing in a SIP, and works just like a SIP for all the funds in a goal. But in the backend, it's a lot more complicated but completely taken care of by our algorithms.    

In a normal mutual fund SIP, you commit to investing a fixed amount every month. Any change to the SIP is effective only in the following month.  If the SIP amount is larger than the previous amount, a new mandate is sometime required.  With a Flexi SIP, all these inefficiencies go away. Your Flexi SIP plan allows you to change the SIP amount as per your financial situation. It's Smart because it enables us to rebalance the investments in your goals in tax-efficient ways, and as per the recommended asset allocation associated with your risk profile and goal's time horizon. 

Features of our Smart Flexi SIPs:

  • Virtual Lumpsum investments that work just like a SIP: Amount set by you is auto invested monthly on the date selected. 
  • Pause, Stop and Restart SIP at will: Pause your SIP from 1-6 months and automatically start reinvesting after that.
  • StepUp SIP with an annual increment: Automatically increase your investment as your earnings grow. Reach your goals earlier. 
  • Smart Rebalance: Allow us to rebalance the funds in your goal every 6-12 months based on your progress along the glide path. 
  • No mandate changes required: All the above done without the hassle of setting up a new bank mandate!

Note: Smart Flexi SIPs are only available for Goals investment as of this writing. 

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