Glide Invest FAQ: What happens to my money after I invest?

What happens to my money after I invest?

Glide Invest will facilitate the transfer of money from your bank account to the respective fund as soon as you make the transaction. Your money never touches our bank account.

Glide Invest platform allows you to track all your investments in both goals and individual funds through the “Your Goals” and “Your Funds” tabs.  You can also download a report of all your transactions through Profile > Transactions section.

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    • Why are my recommended SIP values the same?

      Every goal at Glide Invest will typically have 3 portfolios associated with it, matching the risk profiles on our system and the duration/tenure of the goals. Sometimes, the SIP values for the different portfolio recommendations will come out to be ...
    • Can I invest with a HUF account?

      Yes, you can create a HUF account with Glide Invest. However, the setup needs to be done manually through our customer support team.  Once the account is setup, then all transactions can be done through the app just like a normal user.  By forming a ...
    • How does goal rebalancing work?

      Rebalancing a portfolio can be done in two ways. One is to sell some funds and use the money to buy other funds. Another way is to increase SIP amount in a fund and decrease it in another to allow for the rebalanced allocation. Rebalancing by the ...
    • Where can I find details about my transactions?

      You can check updates on your transactions in the notification section in your profile. You will also get notified about your transactions through emails and SMS.  You can download your transaction history from Profile > Investment History > Reports.
    • How does my broker or agent make money when I invest in Regular plans?

      Financial agents offer you advice on mutual funds for free. But there is no free lunch.  They get paid from the expense ratio charged to you. A regular plan expense ratio will contain the commission to be paid to the agents by the AMC and the ...