Glide Invest FAQ: What are the changes in sell orders through Glide Invest?

What are the changes in sell orders through Glide Invest?

IMPORTANT!!! Due to change in regulatory rules, please note the change of process for your SELL order. You will now receive an additional email on your registered email address directly from our partner BSE Star requesting you to select the folio to be sold and then verify it with a separate OTP. You must
  1. check your email for the message from BSE Star (click this link to search for the message in your gmail account on your desktop)
  2. select and confirm the fund/goal/portfolio's folios to be sold, and
  3. validate the sale of each folio via OTP sent by BSE Star at their website
in order for the sell order to be confirmed.
The cut-off time for sell orders is 3pm.  If the redemption link is sent before 3pm, and you complete the OTP verification by 3pm, then the sell will be registered the same day.  If the redemption link is sent after 3pm, then it will be valid till 3pm the next day.  Failure to verify via OTP by cut-off time will result in the order being cancelled.

We are working with our partner BSE Star to resolve this issue of multiple OTPs. Until a technical solution for the same is put in place, we regret the inconvenience caused to our customers. 

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