Glide Invest FAQ: I missed my payment! My payment failed! Please Help

I missed my payment! My payment failed! Please Help

When an order is placed on our app, our partner BSE Star gives our customers time until the next working day 9:30am (T+1 9:30am) to complete the payment.  In the meantime, it goes ahead and places a Provisional Order with the AMC.  The AMC takes this provisional order and assigns you units based on the cut-off time and applicable NAV.  It then sends you an email/SMS confirmation for the same.  If the AMC does not receive the payment in the next 5 days, it reverses the order and releases the units allocated to you. 

So in case you missed your payment at the time of placing the order on the app, you can use the link provided by us in the email that follows to make the payment by the next day 9:30am.  If you use Netbanking or UPI and your payment fails for a technical reason, you may be able to use the link again to make the payment (we will reconfirm this and update the FAQ here).  

If the transaction is successful and the acknowledgement reaches us, we shall facilitate the execution of your order for which the money was transferred.

Please contact customer support if you have any questions, or if the money is neither processed nor refunded in 7 working days.

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