Glide Invest FAQ: I have emailed my CAS report but my investments are still not reflecting

I have emailed my CAS report but my investments are still not reflecting?

There can be multiple reasons for the same:
  1. You have sent the wrong CAS report, namely, a report generated from CAMS, NSDL or CDSL. We only accept CAS generated from KFintech.
  2. The password provided is incorrect and the system is not able to access the PDF report.
  3. You could be requesting the email for someone other than yourself (different PAN)
  4. The email address might not be linked with your account.
If you are partially able to see your external portfolio (investments made outside GlideInvest app), then following is the reason for the same. The report is generated using your registered email address and if you have multiple investments using multiple email address, then the CAS will only include the investments made using the email address provided while generating the report.

You can generate CAS reports from other email addresses as well and import the same for consolidated analysis. Alternatively, you can use one single email address across all your investments; you will have to change email address wherever required..

Please make sure your generate the recent KFintech CAS from GlideInvest app and forward the same to

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