Glide FAQ: How does the Rewards Program work?

How to Earn Glide Coins ?

We are happy to announce our Rewards program on the Glide Invest app.  Now investors can earn reward points for healthy financial habits on the app, as well as for referring their friends and family to join the program through the referral program.  Earn Glide Coins for various steps that you complete on the app, and redeem the coins for cashback on accumulating 250 points.  

  1. As of this writing, the rewards program is only through the mobile app. Integration of the rewards program on the web app is under development.

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    • How to Redeem Glide Coins ?

      Glide Coins are virtual coins that investors earn for healthy investing habits.  Once an investor exhibits these healthy investment habits, and earns a certain no of Glide Coins into their account, they can redeem them for cash rewards back into the ...
    • How does the Referral program work?

      We are happy to announce our Referral program on the Glide Invest app.  Investors are encouraged to use their referral code to refer their friends and family to register on the app using their unique referral code, which they can find on the app and ...
    • Who can invest through Glide Invest?

      Any individual over 18 years of age with an Income Tax department issued Permanent Account Number (PAN) can invest through Glide Invest. Once you signup, getting investment ready is a simple 5 step process. If you have already invested in a mutual ...
    • Why should I invest through Glide Invest?

      Glide Invest provides a unified platform through which you can invest across Mutual Fund houses, by registering only once.  You get a unified dashboard to review and track the performance of your investments.  We also provide risk profile analysis ...
    • What are the payment methods at Glide Invest?

      Through the Glide Invest app, you can pay for your investments via Netbanking, UPI and bank mandate.