Glide Invest FAQ: How does goal based investing work?

How does goal based investing work?

The Glide Invest app asks you to fill a risk questionnaire at the time of joining, through which we assess your risk profile. When selecting a goal, our backend algorithm gives you choices curated to your risk profile, along with a more conservative and a more aggressive option. 

Risk profile of an investor is generated on the basis of a set of questions that are answered on the first login attempt. This will generate a profile of the investor based on which the type of funds are suggested for goals and investments. The three categories are conservative, balanced and aggressive. 

Once the goal amount is finalised & its timeframe decided, based on your risk profile, we will recommend a set of funds for you to invest in. SIP amounts needed for each fund will also be provided and you can invest in all those funds through the goal with a single click.

There shall be periodic review of your portfolio to assess the probability of your reaching the goal and rebalancing shall take place to help you reach your goal. Rebalancing shall typically take place through SIP reallocation.

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