How to Redeem Glide Coins ?

How to Redeem Glide Coins ?

Glide Coins are virtual coins that investors earn for healthy investing habits.  Once an investor exhibits these healthy investment habits, and earns a certain no of Glide Coins into their account, they can redeem them for cash rewards back into the same bank account they registered with us during their account setup.  Note that:
  1. You can redeem a maximum of 2000 Glide Coins in a calendar month. 
  2. You can only redeem Glide Coins if your current invested value is Rs. 2500 or above. 
The terms and conditions of earning and redeeming Glide Coins vary by event which triggers these coins.  Please read the terms carefully or contact us in case you have any queries about the same. 

Fraudulent activities towards Glide Coins (especially referrals from YouTubers) will result in immediate cancellation of any coins awarded to you.  Please read our Terms of Service carefully before raising a support ticket. 

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