Glide Invest FAQ: How can I switch my investments from one fund to another?

How can I switch my investments from one fund to another?

When you move your investments from one mutual fund to another fund within the same AMC, it is termed as a SwitchSwitching is only allowed within funds of the same AMC. In a switch transaction, the AMC first sells your units from the original fund (Switch Out), and then buys new units of the new fund (Switch In) with the net proceeds (subject to exit loads). Unlike a Sell followed by a Buy, no money gets credited back to your bank account but is directly used to purchase the new units, thus minimizing the time during which your money is uninvested. 

Investors often switch for the following use cases, with the understanding that the change must be done within the same AMC:
  1. Your existing fund is not performing as per your expectations, or
  2. You want to move your funds to a better performing fund, or
  3. You want to rebalance your portfolio to maintain a particular asset allocation mix. 
In the Glide Invest app, the switch is available in the top right-hand menu.  Please note that as of this writing:
  1. we only give you the option to switch to other Growth funds belonging to the same AMC, and
  2. you can only perform a full switch (Swith Out ALL) from one fund to another. 


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