Glide Invest FAQ: How can I find out if I have invested in a regular plan or direct plan?

How can I find out if I have invested in a regular plan or direct plan?

Investments made through a financial intermediary like a bank or a broker are usually regular plans.

If you have invested through a financial planner and he/she has advised you on what to buy, done all the paperwork himself/herself and has collected the money and signatures from you by coming to your home/office, you would have invested in a regular plan.

If your financial planner or advisor has not charged you an upfront fee for advice, you have most probably invested in a regular plan.

You can check the account statements issued by the Mutual Fund company. Look for the word "Direct"  in the name of the scheme. If it is missing, then the plan is a regular plan.

We recommend our customers to upload their Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) into the Glide Invest app. Once we have analysed your statement, we will not only indicate what percentage of your portfolio is in Regular Plans, but also label them for you to easily recognise the Regular Plans. 

Glide Invest  does not  sell regular plans of mutual funds. We only sell  direct plans  of mutual funds across all our partner AMCs.

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