Glide Invest FAQ: Funds I want to invest in are missing. How do I invest in them?

Funds I want to invest in are missing. How do I invest in them?

At Glide Invest, we plan to make the direct plans of mutual funds from all 41 fund houses available on our platform.  We are still in the process of signing up with various fund houses.  Please be patient while our team works tirelessly to get every AMC on board.  In the meantime, if you share the funds that you would like to invest in, we can try to prioritize the AMCs associated with those funds. 

We do not promote the following types of funds:

  • Regular plans of all mutual funds

  • Children’s plans and Retirement plans 

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    • What are regular plans and direct plans?

      All mutual fund schemes offer two plans - Direct and Regular. In a Direct Plan, an investor has to invest directly with the AMC or with an online robo-advisory platform, with no distributor to facilitate the transaction and no investment advice.  ...
    • How does my broker or agent make money when I invest in Regular plans?

      Financial agents offer you advice on mutual funds for free. But there is no free lunch.  They get paid from the expense ratio charged to you. A regular plan expense ratio will contain the commission to be paid to the agents by the AMC and the ...
    • Why should I invest through Glide Invest?

      Glide Invest provides a unified platform through which you can invest across Mutual Fund houses, by registering only once.  You get a unified dashboard to review and track the performance of your investments.  We also provide risk profile analysis ...
    • How can I find out if I have invested in a regular plan or direct plan?

      Investments made through a financial intermediary like a bank or a broker are usually regular plans. If you have invested through a financial planner and he/she has advised you on what to buy, done all the paperwork himself/herself and has collected ...
    • How does investing through Glide Invest mean more returns?

      At Glide Invest, we only sell direct plans of mutual funds. Regular plans contain a distribution commission that is paid by the Fund to the distributor or broker who sold you that plan. This forms the part of the fund expense ratio and it is deducted ...