From where can I download my Capital Gains statement for the financial year?

From where can I download my Capital Gains statement for the financial year?

We compute your capital gains statement for the financial year and provide it to you under Profile > Investment History > Reports.  Here you will find all the 3 reports that may be required by you to provide to your tax accountant during tax filing season, namely your Transaction Report, your ELSS Report (if you have invested in any ELSS funds) and your Capital Gains Report.  These reports are available by financial year only. 

Do remember though that in addition to the Capital Gains report provided by us, you will receive an email from both CAMS and/or Karvy with your respective reports.  You must cross check these reports against the ones we have provided, and if you find any issues, do share the report and the concerned issue with us ASAP so that we can resolve at our end.  And in case you did not receive the reports from CAMS and/or Karvy, here are the links to their respective pages:
  1. CAMS Capital Gains Report
  2. KARVY/Kfintech Capital Gains Report
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