Do I need to nominate a nominee for my holdings?

Do I need to nominate a nominee for my holdings?

It is not mandatory for you to nominate someone for your holdings. However, we have made it mandatory in our registration process as we strongly believe it is an important aspect that investors need to consider as part of their long term investments. Additionally, it will lead to smoother transfer of assets in case of some untoward incident with you.

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    • Can I add more than one nominee?

      No, you can only nominate one person as a nominee for the time being. We will add multiple nominees in future versions of the app based on customer demand for the same. ​
    • How can I change my nominee?

      We do not allow you to change your nominee directly through the app.  Please contact customer support in case you would like to change your nominee.  
    • How do I start investing?

      ​Once you login to the application, follow the 5-step process to register yourself.  We have simplified the process as much as we could to make it intuitive and friendly.  Before you begin, make sure you have the following handy: PAN Card Bank ...
    • How does legal claimant access Mutual Fund investments upon death of an investor?

      In case of death of an investor, their nominee or legal heir can claim the proceeds by process of transmission.  Here are some things to keep in mind.  Case 1: If there is a nominee registered The basic process is to submit the following documents: ...
    • Why do you need my bank account details?

      As per regulation from SEBI, we need to verify that the bank account details submitted by you belong to you. Further this bank account will be used to deduct money for investments across Mutual Fund houses.  When you sell a mutual fund, money is ...