Glide Invest FAQ: Can you advise me on which funds to buy?

Can you advise me on which funds to buy?

Based on popular demand from our experienced customers, we now have fund recommendations on our app, available in various buckets.  These are ideal for our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) investors who know what they want and have requested us to make it easy for them to find a fund and invest in it through our platform.   
  1. The "Recommended Funds" buckets is a curated list of funds we have put together for the 1000+ schemes available on our app. They are selected based on the lowest expense ratio (because we believe costs matter), lowest tracking error, AUM size and several other factors put together by our research team.
  2. Several other theme based buckets which help you pick funds based on specific goals you may have, ex. tax savings, international investing, etc
  3. The "All Funds" bucket where all the funds are available to search/sort/filter as per your needs. 

In case you need assistance with setting up a portfolio of funds, we strongly recommend you to setup goals through our app.  The goals have a curated list of funds put together in a portfolio based on the investment horizon of your goal and matching your risk appetite.  These essentially are the recommendations we would give to all our paid advisory customers. 
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