Glide Invest FAQ: Can I use Debit Card, NEFT, RTGS or IMPS to make payments?

Can I use Debit Card, NEFT, RTGS or IMPS to make payments?

No. Unfortunately we do not support payments by these methods. For now we only support netbanking, UPI and bank mandate for investments.

Debit card method cannot trace the details of account holder. Funds can be added through a third party account. To avoid such a transfer, debit card facility is not enabled in MF investments.

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    • What is the difference between investing via Netbanking vs Autopay?

      Want to invest today? Use NETBANKING and/or UPI.  Use Netbanking and/or UPI when want to make the purchase today itself. We will facilitate the transfer of funds right away from your bank account to the Mutual Fund company. Do note that cut-off times ...
    • What is Netbanking?

      Netbanking is a service provided by your bank to enable and facilitate you to make fund transfers directly from your bank account through the internet. To facilitate Netbanking payment, you must have Netbanking enabled in your bank account as well as ...
    • I don’t have Netbanking on my bank account. Can I still invest?

      Yes, you can still pay through your UPI or bank mandate. Once your mandate is set up, you can even make lumpsum investments with your mandate. The bank mandate will allow us to deduct the amount from your bank account on the date mandated by you.
    • What is the difference between eMandate and paper-based Mandate?

      There are 2 methods of getting your mandate approved through our application: eMandate (or electronic Mandate): this mandate is setup using your Netbanking or Debit Card through your bank's website. It takes about 5-7 working days for your bank to ...
    • What are the payment methods at Glide Invest?

      Through the Glide Invest app, you can pay for your investments via Netbanking, UPI and bank mandate.